A must see piece...., bloody, gory, creative, I couldn't turn away.

Joe Castro along with Steven Escobar have entertained us for many years with their films. Ceremony, The Legend Of The Chupacabra, Near Death, Jackhammer Massacre, Terror Toons, Terror Toons 1.5 & now Terror Toons 2.

TT 2 is a birthday party gone wrong, DEADLY WRONG! It's a innocent child's birthday party with a few uninvited guests. It's not safe to turn your television on especially when the demonic DVD has been placed into the player. Evil unleashes as unsuspecting eyes witness these monstrous creatures come straight out of the tube. They only have one thing in mind & no, it's not the cake & ice cream...... it's your bloodcurdling screams they've come for. They hunt the party guests down 1x1 & each death scene is creative, unique & surprisingly gory.

GOREMEISTER Joe Castro is always coming up with new ways to entertain us gore hounds & to date,... I have not yet been disappointed. The DVD is loaded with extras & be sure to check out Terror Toons 1.5 which is an added bonus feature. Terror Toons 1.5 is a journey back into a mad woman's mind. Her memories of escaping the evil Dr. Carnage have made her world a sick & perverse place to live. Weird, wild, sick & twisted is how I can explain the Terror Toons trilogy,
I loved EVERY moment!

Pick up your copy at Amazon.com, Blockbuster, Ebay, Video Stores or visit www.myspace.com/terrortoons2movie.

- Schroeder of Cult Movies Magazine

Clay of The Dead
"Clay of The Dead is no picnic in the park with Gumby".
Clay of The Dead delivers RAW non stop laughs along with sick & twisted humor. It’s a gory zombie flick animated in clay produced by Neil Brant & co-produced with Tim Clark. This is the same Neil Brant also associated with the Florida based bands, Sewerfly, Twitch & Sensory Defect. Neil’s music is heard throughout the flick as well as a band called Threeface. Neil’s music span is from soundtrack scores, FX, death metal & more, take a listen on the sites listed below. Clay of The Dead is Dawn of The Dead, Dead Alive & Night of The Living Dead all rolled into one. Our lead character, "Clay" is a struggling middle aged musician living in the small town of Clayton. Clay awakes, only to find that his quaint little town is overrun by flesh eating zombies or should I say, CLAY eating zombies. This little gem is shown in parts, Part one entitled, "Clay of The Dead " Part 2, "Escape From The Mall", Part 3, "Island of The Dead" & part 4, "Clay’s Dead" COMING SOON! Is Clay really dead!? Did the zombies on the island make a manwich out of Clay & did he ever make it through the choppy waters of the life taking sea? Tune in & find out.
It doesn't get any better than this folks, ingredients for fun filled laughter are:
1 cup of rough stop animation
A few packs of clay
Lots of blood
A killer soundtrack/score
Lots of blood
Gr8 sound FX
Lots of blood & a couple of cats
Clay of The Dead is receiving GRAVE reviews from its viewers & no wonder with it’s off the wall chipmunk vocals, zombified soundtrack but mostly for it’s originality. I personally love the scene where the cat eats it & of course the zombie chainsaw slashing. Part 3, Island of The Dead has to be seen, it’s my favorite in the series especially when the giant spider explodes, I wanted more!! Clay of The Dead has a future & is highly marketable for it's originality & craftsmanship. Kudos go out to Elizabeth Lewis for set design & photography. Put em on DVD boys & watch how they’ll sell, I'll be your first customer. Don’t forget to add those bonus features like, your first animations, music videos, etc. Cult Movies Magazine gives Clay Of The Dead 5 bloody thumbs up!! You can't ask or expect any better from
zombie clay!!
- Schroeder (Publisher/Owner) of Cult Movies Magazine.
Contact info for Clay of The Dead:
A Bigfoot Story

Down & out former Miami Herald reporter D.J. Galloway finds himself face down at a local bar in South Beach Florida, when out of nowhere a breaking news story flashes across the bars TV screen, "Bigfoot sightings in North Carolina". In a moment of clarity, D.J. decides to pack up, forget the past & move back to his North Carolina hometown to begin his investigation on the Bigfoot sightings. What D.J. doesn’t know or expect is that, he has a BIG surprise waiting for him & the truth of Bigfoot will unfold before his very eyes.

Now for those of you who are expecting that million dollar Hollywood film, you won’t find it here in this North Carolina made flick. This raw, non-scripted, fun filled feature delivers entertainment in a docudrama style. The Long Way Home (A Bigfoot Story) is a quaint local film that delivers, drama, comedy, suspense & just plain fun shot with a cast of unique & quirky characters. Some of the characters will make you laugh & some will just plain shock you. One of my favorite characters is Patti "O" Furniture played by Pat Patterson, Patti "O" delivers the lines with attitude as well as a boot stomping performance. Other non-scripted characters include, Biscuit, Cornbread, a snake handler, 100's of dead chickens & lets not forget the star, "BIGFOOT". Yes Bigfoot has been causing BIG trouble in a small North Carolina town, killing 100's of chickens, scaring up the local folks & just plain reekin’ havoc,.... Bad Bigfoot!

The Long Way Home (A Bigfoot Story) won the 2007 title of, "Best Narrative Feature Film" from the infamous New York International Film Festival & has been picked up for distribution. Written & directed by James "Bubba" Cromer & Co-Produced with Lewis Cromer, The Long Way Home will be a short distance from your video store shelves coming this fall. This clever flick has already received a following with it’s down to earth gritty film style & likable characters, not bad for James Cromer’s first flick. YouTube fans are eating up the clips with thousands of hits & positive comments only proving that,
"you don’t need a Hollywood budget to make a good film".

- Schroeder of Cult Movies Magazine

Contact info for The Long Way Home (A Bigfoot Story)
James "Bubba" Cromer
C/O Coach Cromer Productions
P.O. Box 50624
Columbia, SC 29250

WACK "O" Publishing
P.O. Box 1521
Loma Linda, Ca. 92354