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Ed Wood's Aborted Masterpiece Comes Alive In This Unseen Shocker!!

New Strange Pleasures Of An Unrestrained Love Affair Result in "HELLBORN",
Ed Wood's Most Violent Piece (Gang Beatings, Robbery, Rape, Murder, Sinful Lust
& MORE), Femme Fatale Juvenile Delinquents Rob and Work Over An Innocent Ice
Cream Man, Leaving Him In A Bloody Mess.
See The Two Sides Of The Master Himself (Ed Wood) As A Man & A Woman
In This Film Masterpiece, Direct From The Original 35mm Master Print.
Includes Ed Wood's Famous Gas Station Scene!
Starring Ed Wood Jr., Conrad Brooks, & The Spawn of Satan.
This item is temporarily sold out due to a manufacturing error. Additional copies will be available in the near future. If you received a defective copy of this DVD, email us.

The true story of John Waters' underground film star Edith Massey (1918-1984). Features special appearances by John Waters and Mink Stole. DVD includes a 15-minute director's memoir that offers a fascinating insight into the underground movie world of 1970's Baltimore, the birthplace of Broadway's smash hit, "Hairspray".




Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) stars in this post apocalyptic adventure with a futuristic cast. A classic sci-fi flick that is so bad it has to be seen. Civilizations are fighting for survival, the Tyrogs dwell in the City of Doom & the Drones, who live underground, free of the radiation that has ravaged the planet. Baktar, leader of the Tyrogs, has just had a child but because of the radiation his child has been born a mutant. Baktar then sends his mightiest warrior Zerak (Lou Ferrigno) into the polluted lands to find an unaffected woman to bear his child. This sci-fi cult classic adventure has to be seen, it's so bad it's good!!
NR/Color/Full Frame/89 Min./Stereo/Interactive menu/Compatible with all DVD players



Earth forces are on their last legs as a vicious terror from outer space attacks! Can the giant robot defense team arrive in time & will they be able to save the Earth? Find out in this action packed animated classic.

2 hours/Color/All Region DVD/Interactive Menu



These classic 60's animated gems rank up there with the stylings of Gigantor & Speed Racer. Tobor (Robot spelled backwards) is a robot disguised as a man & retains a normal job until Earth threatening events happen. Tobor fights crime,evil, monsters & man from around the universe & his special powers help defeat the evil doers. 4 classic episodes are in Vol. 1 along with the bonus cartoons, Tom Sawyer, Ant's in the plants & Bunny mooning. Classic cartoons at a classic price.

B&W/Color/Interactive Menu/NR/Auto Start/3 Hours approx


DARIO ARGENTO's 1971 Italian Horror Classic, CAT O'NINE TAILS!

A reporter and a blind puzzle writer team up to solve a series of grisly murders at a genetic research hospital. Starring Karl Malden, James Franciscus, and Catherine Speak. Digitally remastered.

Here it is, the zombie flick that started it all. George Romero's 1968 cult classic, "Night Of The Living Dead"! Starring Judith O'Dea and Duane Jones, this is the film that introduced the modern film zombie and spawned three sequels, including 2005's "Land Of The Dead". Often imitated, but never surpassed!
3 Classic Movies on one DVD! Includes "Father's Little Dividend" starring Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy, "Of Human Bondage" with Bette Davis, and "Tulsa" with Susan Hayward and Robert Preston.
3 Classic Movies on one DVD! This classic comedy teams showcase includes "At War With The Army" starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis , "Africa Screams" with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, and "Flying Deuces " with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
Steve Reeves returns to the role that made him famous in the 1959 film "Hercules Unchained", directed by Pietro Francisci. A classic of the "sword-and-sandal" genre, filled with scantily clad vixens and unrestrained action!
Considered by many historians to be the best screen adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling novel, this is the original 1942 version starring Sabu and directed by Zoltan Korda.

This 1952 gem is the only known surviving footage of Martin & Lewis clones Mitchell and Petrillo, who parachute onto the creepy island of Dr. Zambor, played by Bela Lugosi.

Martin Landau watched this film while preparing to play Lugosi in 1994's "Ed Wood", and said that "it made the Ed Wood films look like Gone With The Wind".

With an endorsement like that, on a film that cost only $50,000 and was shot in just nine days, you know you're in for a special experience!

Six classic episodes from the short-lived "Flash Gordon" television series from 1954, starring Steve Holland as Flash Gordon, and Irene Champlin as Dale Arden.
Three classic episodes from the short-lived "Flash Gordon" television series from 1954, starring Steve Holland as Flash Gordon, and Irene Champlin as Dale Arden. Includes the episodes "Deadline At Noon", "Flash Gordon And The Planet of Death", and "Flash Gordon And The Brain Machine".
Nine classic episodes from the 1949 television series "The Lone Ranger", starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. Includes "Enter The Lone Ranger", "War Horse", "Legion of Old Timers", and more.
Includes the 1933 film "Tarzan The Fearless" starring Buster Crabbe, and the 1938 film "Tarzan's Revenge" starring Glenn Morris. Both films are digitally remastered with enhanced sound.
8 great episodes from the 1956-1963 "Popeye" television series, including "Ancient History", "Big Bad Sinbad", "Bride and Gloom", and others.
5 episodes from the 1956-1963 "Popeye" television series, including "Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp", "Assault and Flattery", and "Popeye Meets Sinbad the Sailor", among others.
The classic 1939 animated feature film "Gulliver's Travels", directed by Dave Fleischer and produced by Max Fleischer.
8 animated shorts featuring the Three Stooges, with the Stooges providing their own voices. Includes the episodes "Goofy Gondoliers", "Baby Sitters", "Droll Weevil", and more.
10 more episodes of animated Three Stooges wackiness, featuring the Stooges themselves providing their own voices. Includes "Safari So Good", "Thimk or Thwim", and "Play Safe", among others.
Three live-action Three Stooges shorts. Includes "Disorder In The Court" (1936), featuring Larry, Moe, and Curly, and "Brideless Groom" (1947), and "Malice In The Palace" (1949), both featuring Larry, Moe, and Shemp.
These Max and Dave Fleischer Superman cartoons from the early 1940's first introduced the character on the big screen, and became the first time Superman ever flew (he only leapt tall buildings before this). Includes "Mad Scientist", "The Arctic Giant", and six more. Featuring the voice of Bud Collyer as Superman.
These Max and Dave Fleischer Superman cartoons from the early 1940's first introduced the character on the big screen, and became the first time Superman ever flew (he only leapt tall buildings before this). Includes "Showdown", "Eleventh Hour", and five more. Featuring the voice of Bud Collyer as Superman.
10 animated Betty Boop shorts from the 1930's, including "Be Human", "More Pep", "Is My Palm Read", and more.
Vintage animated wackiness from Warner Bros, featuring Daffy Duck. Includes "To Duck Or Not To Duck", "Daffy The Commando", and six more. Featuring the voice of Mel Blanc.
10 episodes from the 1957 television series "The Gumby Show", including "Robot Rumbus", "Doggone Tired", and "Ding Dong Daddy".
Two episodes from the 1965 television series "Kimba The White Lion". This Japanese anime series was originally called "Janguru Taitei", and reportedly inspired Disney's character of Simba in "The Lion King". This DVD includes "The Birth of Kimba" and "The Law of the Jungle".
9 animated shorts featuring the 1940's characters Little Lulu and Little Audrey, including "The Lost Dream", "Cad and Daddy", and "Dog Show Off".
Low-budget vampire flick from 1997 starring Carmen Electra as a sexy, sultry vampire, and featuring Adam West (TV's "Batman") as "The Big Kahuna"!
This 1950 Hal Walker film is the first movie to really showcase the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and contains some great moments of their work.
Classic 1973 horror flick featuring both Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, about a prehistoric creature set loose on a train to eat the brains of the terrified passengers. Also starring Telly Savalas! (TV's original "Kojak").
This amazing DVD features four films full of sci-fi monster obsession. Includes "Cosmos War Of The Planets" (1977), "Assignment Outer Space" (1960), which stars Rik Van Nutter, best known for playing Felix Leiter in the 1965 James Bond classic "Thunderball", "Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet" (1965), starring the great actor Basil Rathbone, and "Warning From Space" (1956), a classic Japanese monster movie with giant alien starfish.
Starring Joe Lara, Michael Nouri, John Amos, and "Tiny" Lister, this 1995 horror suspense film has been called "the most unintentionally funny movie ever"! 101 minutes, Rated R.
This DVD features three early films from low-budget master Roger Corman: "Swamp Women" (1956), "She Gods of Shark Reef" (1958), and the immortal classic "Wasp Woman" (1960).
Four classic "Little Rascals" adventures on one DVD! Includes "Lazy Day", "Mary Queen of Tots", "Olympic Games", and "Our Gang Follies".

Marilyn Monroe appears in Hometown Story (1951), a delightful film that tells the cautionary of what can happen when one takes a close minded, singular view of the world. Blake Washburn (Jeffrey Lynn) an embittered newspaper reporter with a negative view of the business world. Only when catastrophe strikes, & local business interests intervene to avert a tragedy, can Washburn begin to accept that perhaps there are two sides to every story. Also featuring Gilligan's Island star Alan Hale Jr.

English/Full Frame/61 min/Stereo/Interactive Menus/NR/All DVD Players