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Schroeder (DJ Wack O


Born and raised in the small southern California town of Rialto, Schroeder (aka DJ WACK "O") developed a penchant for music and 'bad' movies at an early age. Now a 20-year professional DJ, Schroeder recalls spinning vinyl on his Raggedy-Ann and Andy record player while his sisters and friends go-go danced on the dresser to beats of the '70's and '80's.

The love for sci-fi was first planted in his adolescent mind on a Saturday afternoon of yore, when he happened to catch Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot (Giant Robot) on television.

When not managing his music business (Orbital Traxx Records) with business partner Rob Morrison, Schroeder loves B flicks, monster movies, horror cult clas-sicks, and anything not of the ordinary.


"Cult Movies Magazine's purpose is to preserve the memory of classic 'B' movies for the next generation. Remember: Bad is Good."

"John Waters is my favorite movie producer/director, anything he touches turns into shit (GOLD). Remember, bad flicks and '80s music "ROCK". May good health be with you always."


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Jan Henderson


Jan Alan Henderson was born in Hollywood, California, and still lives there. He has written for Cult Movies since its inception, and for a host of other magazines, including FilmFax, Outre’, American Cinematographer, Little Shop of Horrors, and Classic Images.

He has also had an active music career, and has been in such bands as the original Third Degree, Haunted Garage, and Nyck Varoom’s Tomb. He is the first author to publish a biography of the late actor George Reeves, which was published for the first time in Cult Movies #14, and has written on varied topics such as The Lydecker Brothers of Republic Studios, Universal Horror Classics, Star Trek, and the history of Bronson Caves. His newest work, Behind the Crimson Cape, was coauthored with writer Steve Randisi.

Michael Mercadante


Born and raised in the same small Philadelphia suburb that spawned Dorothy Parker and James Michener, Michael Mercadante is an accomplished multimedia artist with more than 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, including television, radio, comic books, and magazines. He has won awards for his documentaries, photography, and writing. His portfolio is available on his official website at

He recently earned a history degree from Temple University, specializing in popular culture and mass media. He is an expert on the exploitation cinema of the 1960's and 1970's and the history of blacks in film, and occasionally lectures on these subjects at area colleges.

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